ProgramUnnecessary! Programming is Unnecessary!
Setup is easy with PATLITE's exclusive editing software.


Easy SetupClick4Details

* The screen above is only an image (conditions may vary with setup parameters).

Select the colors from the provided color palette.
With a maximum of 15 groups*, 63 series of operations can be registered to perform an operation setup as one group.* A single display type can register a maximum of 31 groups.
Operation setup is easy. Select the desired color (21 colors), flashing period (if any), and length of time the light and alarm are on* (maximum of 3,600 seconds, (11 sounds).* Limited to Time Trigger and Pulse Trigger.
Various Setups
Group setup (Detailed Settings)
  • ・ Flash Reduction Setup
  • ・ Time Span (0.1 sec./1.0 sec.)
  • ・ Time Span (0.1 sec./1.0 sec.)
Sign pattern generation (9 colors)
  • ・Color Select
  • ・Cycle Speed (Low/High)

Preview the light pattern before transmitting data into the unit.

System Transmit and Receive

Data can be written into the unit and also read from it,so that patterns can be easily copied into other units.

* Data transfer is also possible when the main unit is OFF and the system's power source is the USB bus power.

"Smart Mode" for use with various ideas

1.     Time-trigger Type

Setups for "individual group" operation can be executed. Pattern change timing can be setup with the editing software.

Maximum Pattern Display 63 Patterns
Maximum Pattern Display 15 Groups

Setup timing in pattern changes with the editing software.

2.     Pulse-trigger Type

Transitions from one pattern to another can be triggered by setting elapsed time or by individual discrete inputs.

Maximum Pattern Display 63 Patterns 
Maximum Pattern Display 15 Groups

Pattern transition timing can be controlled by discrete inputs.

3.     Single-display Type

The product memory operates for "individual group" functions.

Maximum Pattern Display ---------- 
Maximum Pattern Display 31 Groups

Inputs 1-5, with ON/OFF signal combinations is made to operate.

"Smart Mode" for use with various ideas

Change the color of each tier easily with the editing software.

The color for each tier can easily be changed, even when used as a Signal Tower.


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