Success Stories

Obtaining Accurate, Real-time Data

Before, we were having employees write daily reports of equipment operational data, which was time-consuming and lead to human error. After implementing the WD System, we have been able to receive the equipment data in real-time, without worrying about any mistakes.

Furthermore, we have assigned employees who were previously in charge of data recording with more challenging tasks which increased their motivation to work.

(Feedback from Production Manager at a PCB manufacturing company)

Optimizing Work Efficiency

Ever since the WD System was implemented at our facility, our operators got into the habit of analyzing their Gantt chart and comparing it with their peers' to see where the team can improve to work more efficiently.

(Feedback from Plant Chief of an aluminum processing manufacturer)

Achieving Production Goals

In the past, we had a significant difference between our production plan and our actual production numbers. However, after installing the WD System and analyzing both the Gantt chart and the production scheduler, we were able to identify where there were operational losses.

After addressing these issues by redistributing work loads, we have seen a huge increase in productivity and are now keeping up with our production plan.

(Feedback from Production Development Manager of an electronic component manufacturer)

Remote Monitoring of Overseas Facilities

As the headquarter of a worldwide company, we manage several branches overseas. We had been struggling to grow production rates at our overseas facilities, and it was hard to figure out why without physically monitoring the worksite. After implementing the WD System, we were able to receive real-time performance data of all of our overseas facilities and compare with our local metrics to see where the bottlenecks were occuring.

After analyzing the data and gathering solutions, we have been able to send detailed directions to each facility backed by data to show where they need to improve.

(Feedback from Global Production Department Manager of an automotive parts manufacturer)

Optimizing Operation

Our line production facility consists of several sections, each with different tasks to complete one final product. Often times I would see several workers waiting for the previous section to finish and bring the parts over to them. Although the issue was recognized, we did not have the time or employees to be able to track and solve these bottlenecks.

This is when I saw the WD System being displayed at the PATLITE booth at a tradeshow, and realized that this would be a perfect solution for us. Using the WD System, we created a network that automatically calculates the rate of operation every 30 minutes for each section. This allowed remote facility managers to instantly see when there is a slowdown and give specific instructions.

This automatic network was costly given the equipment and setup, but after production improvements we were able to recover these expenses in only 2 weeks! Now, we are preparing to install this same network at our overseas locations.

(Feedback from Production Development Manager of a bearing manufacturer)

Improving Supply Chain Productivity

Seeing positive outcomes of installing the WD System at our facilities, I suggested it as a solution to one of my customers who was looking for a way to increase productivity at the site he managed. He became interested, and I went to visit the customer with a PATLITE representative. After being introduced with all of the functions of the WD System, my customer immediately decided that it would be the perfect solution to improve their current system.

I am happy that my customer is happy, and also that our entire supply chain will also benefit from my customers' productivity gains.

(Feedback from Sales Manager of an automotive parts manufacturer)

Visibility of All Facility Operations

Having numerous production facilities across the country, one of our main goals was to build a system that enabled us to monitor the status all of our facilities at once. However, each facility had different equipment and methods of work monitoring, making it difficult to standardize a structure.

A PATLITE representative offered the WD System to solve this issue, and the simplicity of this network system caught my attention. I especially found it great that it was compatible with our old equipment that was too dated to be monitored with our original networking system. With the WD System being able to monitor all of our equipment at all of our facilities, we saw a significant decrease in monitoring costs.

The new solution also allowed for us to easily combine data obtained from our original network with equipment metrics collected from the WD System.

(Feedback from the Production Innovation Chief of an automotive parts manufacturer)