WD Series Lineup


WD Series

WD PRO Receiver


Without AC adapter


〈Lite version〉Without AC adapter

Connection Method : LAN/USB

Current Consumption : typ.100mA

Multiple units can be used together*

Number of Connected Transmitters : max. 30 units

Wireless Connection Diagnostics

Andon Status Display

*Multiple Receivers can be operated simultaneously via LAN connection.

Model WDR-L-Z2-PRO(-L) WDR-LE-Z2-PRO(-L)
Power Terminal Block
DC Jack
24V DC
PoE Power Supply 48V DC
USB bus power 5V DC
Power Terminal Block
DC Jack
21.6V DC to 26.4V DC
PoE Power Supply 43V DC to 57V DC
USB bus power 4.75V DC to 5.25V DC
Rated Current
Typ. 100mA(24V DC) 70mA(PoE:48V DC) 300mA(USB:5V DC)
Max 150mA(24V DC) 100mA(PoE:48V DC) 500mA(USB:5V DC)
Power Terminal Block Screwless Terminal Block (φ0.51mm to 1.29mm (AWG24 to 16))
DC Jack DC Jack for AC Adaptor
USB USB Type-B (USB bus power)
LAN(PoE) RJ-45 connector (IEEE802.3af Class0 compliant)
Function Comparison

Wireless Data Acquisition System
WD PRO Receiver


Wireless Data Acquisition System
WD PRO Receiver (Lite version)

Power Supply Input 24V DC / USB / PoE
Mounting Method Horizontal / Wall / Ceiling
Network Communication Method 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 1000BASE-T
Transmitter Connection Maximum 30 units *1
Communication Range Line of sight, Approximately 30m
IP Address Setting Manual setup / DHCP auto configuration
Operating Ambient Temperature -10℃~+50℃ (AC Adaptor accessory : 0℃~+40℃)
Protection Rating IP20
Wireless Connection Diagnostics Real-time diagnosis / Long-period diagnosis (1~72 hours)
Transmitter Wireless Settings Built-in setup browser / WDS-WIN01 software WDS-WIN01 Software
Host System Communication [Run multiple applications simultaneously]
- CSV file *Use WDS-WIN01
- SOCKET communication (WDR protocol)
- SOCKET communication (WDR PRO protocol)
- Database linkage (MySQL)
- Modbus / TCP communication
- Cloud Communication(MindSphere Support)
- CSV file *Use WDS-WIN01
- SOCKET communication (WDR protocol)
Andon Display -

*1 Due to the characteristics of radio waves, this value is only a reference point.


The WD PRO Receiver can access both power and data through a single Ethernet cable so that wiring space and costs can be minimized.

Wireless Quality Diagnostics

Displays the quality of wireless connection between the receiver and transmitter(s) using a 5-level evaluation system. Up to 72 hours of diagnosis data can be recorded so users can determine when and where the installation environment needs to be modified.

・Changes to the installation environment are recommended for diagnosis results of rank D or E. Communication quality is greatly affected by conditions in the installation environment, try the following.

No. Method Effect
1 Adjust the position, height, and orientation of WDR and WDT. Nearby objects interfere with and reflect radio waves from wireless communication. Communication may improve by moving, even as little as 1 m, the position or height of WDR and WDT.
2 To reduce their impact on wireless communication, move metal objects out of the way. If there is a large metal object in the installation environment, there may be spots where radio waves cannot reach. Communication may improve by moving metal objects out of the way.
3 Add an extra transmitter to the WD wireless network to act as a repeater and enable communication hopping. Adding a WDT to the WD wireless network increases the choice of communication paths. Even adding a WDT near the WDR could improve communication quality of the entire WD wireless network.
Run Multiple Applications Simultaneously

The WD PRO Receiver has multi-session capabilities meaning users can connect to multiple applications and software simultaneously.

Connection Method default Value Input Range
1 Configuration-only port 10000 1024 ~ 65535


WDR protocol 10001 1024 ~ 65535
3 WDR PRO protocol 1 10002 1024 ~ 65535
4 WDR PRO protocol 2 10003 1024 ~ 65535
5 Database 3306 1024 ~ 65535
6 Modbus/TCP 502 502,1024~65535

Refer to the instruction manual for details on how to connect.

* On the Lite version, only the WDR protocol can be used for SOCKET communication.

* Lite version is a single-session device. Multiple ports cannot be connected at the same time.

Cloud communication

It can be easily connected to SIEMENS MindSphere by simply configuring the receiver.
Global operation monitoring can be done remotely.


* Cloud communication is supported by "WDR-LE-Z2-PRO" firmware version 1.03 or higher.
* A separate MindSphere subscription is required to use this service.
* For more information about cloud integration, please contact us.
* ”WDR-LE-Z2-PRO-L" is not supported.

WD-LR-Z2 Receiver


Without AC adapter

Connection Method : LAN/USB

Current Consumption : typ.65mA

Multiple units can be used together *1

Recommended number of connected transmitters : 20 units*2 (max. 30 units)

*1 Multiple Receivers can be operated simultaneously via LAN connection.

*2 Due to the characteristics of radio waves, this number depends on the installation environment.

Receiver Specifications
Model Number WDR-LE-Z2
Rated Voltage 24V DC
Operating Voltage Range 21.6V DC~26.4V DC
Ambient Operating Temperature -10℃~60℃
Ambient Operating Humidity 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Ambient Storage Temperature -20℃ to 70℃ (no freezing)
Number of Connected Transmitters Recommended 20 units, maximum 30 units (depending on the setting, installation location, and communication environment)
Mounting Direction (Indoor only) On flat horizontal surface, or wall mounted
Protection Rating IP20
Mass 170g ± 10g (not including the AC adaptor)