PATLITE New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort.

  • Network Products IoT Solution from the Factory to the Office
  • USB Ethernet IO-Link Data Analytics

As a leading manufacturer of signaling equipment, our mission is to provide the highest quality, cutting-edge visual and audible products in the industry.

As pioneers of signal towers, we produce high quality, superior devices by applying technical expertise acquired over decades of experience. We design our products keeping in mind our customer’s unique circumstances and workflow.

  • Surveillance
  • Customer Support
  • Manufacturing Factory
  • Factory Operation
  • Productdion Line
  • Server Room

Surveillance System Monitoring

Monitor your network and notify remote personnel of any abnormalities.

Network Existing Equipment

Integrate existing equipment to the network to achieve visibility of your entire workplace.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Monitor nodes on multiple networks, and notify personnel by visual, audible, and email alerts when status changes occur.

Remote Monitoring of Equipment

Use various protocols for enhanced communication within your entire network.

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