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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The PATLITE Corporation
August 30, 2010

The Patlite Corporation (Henceforth, “PATLITE”) is deeply aware of the importance of your personal information when dealing with internet related business and, therefore has proclaimed a guideline out of the “Personal Information Protection” and other relevant laws.

1.Definition of Personal Information
When entering this site, some links may require you to input your personal information. By contrast, the definition of “Personal Information” is “any information that identifies, or can be used to identify the person it pertains to”. Such information could be in the form of symbols, images, sounds or even text. “Personal Information” may include, but is not limited to, names, ages, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, company names, hobbies, and even through information regarding services or products purchased and product inquiries.
2.PATLITE’s basic policy on protecting “Personal Information”
Some pages on PATLITE’s site may require entry of personal information in order to serve you better. Data collected through direct input or other forms of electronic media is handled, based on the following policies:
  1. PATLITE collects this information and uses it for inter-corporate purposes.
  2. PATLITE accepts the responsibility to protect personal information from illegal access and/or loss or leakage to third parties.
  3. PATLITE observes the applicable laws and regulations of Japan and international regulations for the handling of personal information.
  4. PATLITE strives to protect the personal information by using the latest in security technology.
3.PATLITE’s use of the “Personal Information”
PATLITE only collects personal information necessary to promote PATLITE’s products and services. The following describes the business activities and purpose of the personal information usage:
  1. Business Field Use
    Depending on its purpose, PATLITE may use personal information for services related to staffing, recruiting, insurance, freight, security and credit card service.
  2. Corporate Use
    PATLITE will use personal information for planning, designing, and developing our products. PATLITE will also use personal information for advertising planning, and marketing research, including, but not limited to, campaigns, exhibitions and other events related to our products, etc.
  3. Shareholder Use
    PATLITE will use personal information to exercise PATLITE’s rights and obligations in conformance to applicable laws and ordinance.
    PATLITE will also use personal information for intentions of strengthening shareholder’s understanding of PATLITE’s business and to build a better relationship.
    PATLITE will use personal information for statistical processing under the scope of the law.
4.Shared Use
PATLITE may share necessary personal information with affiliates of PATLITE, distributors of PATLITE and joint research partners on a “need to know” basis as described in “3. PATLITE’s use of the 'Personal Information” indicated above. PATLITE will be responsible for the management of such “Personal Information”.
5.Contingency to supply Personal Information to third parties
In general, PATLITE’s policy is to not disclose any personal information to third parties. However, the following cases will require PATLITE to disclose the required personal information when:
  1. PATLITE is required to do so by a legal order, or court of law
  2. If it becomes necessary by legal ordinance to cooperate with a government agency, public authority, or parties authorized by them, and the concern of seeking consent of the relevant individual may hinder the execution of the relevant duties.
  3. If a task is subcontracted, in whole or in part, to a business partner for the purpose of facilitating a smooth flow of business. In such cases, an agreement with the contractor in regards to personal information management will be formed to ensure appropriate handling.
  4. If there are instances where the relevant individual has granted consent in advance.
6.Updating and Deleting your Personal Information
Since PATLITE may share necessary personal information, PATLITE will answer, within a reasonable time period, requests from individuals (or parties representing on behalf of the relevant individual) for the addition, or removal of personal information from our data base. Because PATLITE retains personal information indefinitely for future reference, it is necessary for the individual to send their request to PATLITE via e-mail at the following address:
7.Entities who collect Personal Information Data
  1. Some links to PATLITE’s site may prompt the user to enter personal information in order to utilize PATLITE’s services offered.
  2. Personal Information is collected from affiliates, such as the web host of our site, and may be forwarded to PATLITE’s affiliates (Refer to “4. Shared Use”) to better serve PATLITE’s customers.
8.Links on the PATLITE site
  1. Some pages on PATLITE’s site may contain links to other sites or domains (henceforth, “domain”).
  2. When leaving any part of PATLITE’s domain, the user may, or may not be prompted by PATLITE that they are leaving PATLITE’s domain and entering another.
  3. When leaving any part of PATLITE’s domain, the Privacy Policy of PATLITE is no longer governed, and it is the user’s responsibility to read the Privacy Policy of the linked domain.
9.Updates to PATLITE’s sites
  1. Although PATLITE will work hard to keep their customers up to date, it is not the responsibility of PATLITE to do so. In addition, some parts of the site may contain typographical errors, incorrect links or other errors. PATLITE is obliged to have a properly functional site, but may not be aware of such errors. PATLITE appreciates your inquiry if any links or errors are brought to the attention of PATLITE by contacting us at our e-mail address.
  2. Products offered on our site may be restricted to sales based on region, and is at the discretion of PATLITE. If there is a product you wish to inquire, please contact us at our e-mail address, or contact your nearest PATLITE Sales Representative.
  3. Downloadable documents related to our products may not be up-to-date, and PATLITE’s liability for incorrect documentation extends only to the scope of correcting the error.
10.Downloading and disclaimer for documents
  1. Not all data related to the various models which our company has put on the market is exhibited on this site, and not all data is necessarily renewed in contrast to the product offered on this site.
  2. The various data currently downloaded from this site has been published at the time the target product sales became available. Therefore, the written contents of the various data currently opened to this site may change with subsequent specifications change.
  3. There is no advance notice given for documentation changes, and the document may be removed, exchanged, or replaced with a similar product at of the time of sale, and a revised edition may be published on this site.
  4. When the data being searched for is not found, please direct inquiries to the store of purchase, distributor or to our company sales representatives.
11.Legal Jurisdiction-Sales and Disclaimer
  1. The sales terms regarding this site are based on the laws of the country of Japan.
  2. When a necessity for a lawsuit occurs regarding any dispute about the sale of the goods in this site, and management of the other provision and services provided by this site, the proceedings will take place in the first jurisdictional district court of Osaka, Japan.
12.Illegal Hacking
  1. Hacking is defined as “the deliberate and unauthorized access, use, disclosure, and/or taking of electronic data on a computer, or the destruction, manipulation of data accessed on the computer being accessed deliberately and unauthorized”, and, although there are several levels of hacking, it is generally considered illegal in many parts of the world when done without permission.
  2. As a guideline, users visiting this site shall not do the following acts while in the domain of this site:
    1. Act which Infringes on copyrighted material of Our company, or other Users, Third Party, and other Intellectual Property Rights
    2. Act which infringes on property of Our company, or other Users, Third Party, etc.
    3. Act to intimidate or Slander, Defame Our company, or other Users, Third Parties, etc.
    4. Act which transmits or writes harmful computer program, which includes, but is not limited to, "Trojan Horses", "Viruses", "Worms", "Logic Bombs", "Sniffers", and "Distributed denial of service attacks", etc.
    5. Act which gives any third party a disadvantage or any displeasure
    6. Act aimed at making a profit by using this site
    7. Act which is contrary to good public conduct and customs
    8. Act which is connected with any criminal activity
    9. Act of falsifying an e-mail address, or false information to represent a third party, or organization
    10. Act which invites a misunderstanding ro falsification of Credit Card or other information
    11. Any Act contrary to the Laws and Regulations of Legal Jurisdiction
  3. This site is located in the jurisdiction of Japan and falls under the laws of Japan for crimes against illegal hacking activities.
13.Copyrights and Trademarks
  1. The “Patlite” name and “PATLITE” logo are trademarks of the Patlite Corporation, and is not to be copied or used without explicit written consent from the Patlite Corporation of Japan.
  2. The copyright of various data downloadable from this site belongs to PATLITE. Company, Incorporated. All or parts of the contents being downloaded cannot be changed, reproduced, or transmitted.
  3. Please understand that some data requested may not be allowed to be released due to provisions regarding product discontinuance, availability, etc.
  4. Although Audible sound samples offered on this site are for listening only and are not downloadable, any sounds that are extracted, in part or in full, infringes upon the copyrights and may impose law enforcement. Also, some sounds contain copyrights from PATLITE, and it is strictly prohibited to copy/reprint partially, or in whole, such material on computer networks, etc., without permission from the rightful holder of that sound.
14.Glossary of Terms
  1. Target Product- Refers to the product in which the customer has an interest in and is requesting the download of information for it.
  2. Site- the domain which is owned and operated by the Patlite Corporation of Japan
  3. Our- The Patlite Corporation of Japan and its affiliates.
  4. Your- The visitor, customer or user of this site.
  5. Third Party- Any party not directly affiliated with the Patlite Corporation.
  6. Illegal Hacking- A term to describe any attacks on the domain of the Patlite Corporation, which is covered in “12. Illegal Hacking”. The definition of “Hacker” is broad, but falls under the terms “Cracker”, “Black Hat”, “Grey Hat”, “Neophyte” (also referred to as “N00B”, “Noob”, or “Newbie”), and “Hactivist”.
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