PATLITE New Frontiers in Safety, Security and Comfort.

Explosion Proof Products

As part of Patlite’s motto for “Safety, Security and Comfort”, we include the motto in the explosive environment with our Explosion-proof product line.

Our company utilizes certified agencies to ensure that our Explosion-proof products follow the strict demands required to meet the specific standards, such as ATEX and IECEx.

Because our customers rely on recognized agencies, we continue to strive for “Safety, Security and Comfort” to meet the demands of our customers.

Various Applications for Explosion Proof and Harsh Environments

Branch Explosion Hazard
Power Generation Companies ●Lump Coal Dust
Woodworking Industry ● Saw Dust
● Fine Wood Chips
Metal-work Operations ● Explosive Metal Dust
● Spark-ignitable Metal Dust
Food/Beverage Industry ● Ignitable Grain Dust
● Explosive Sugar Dust
Refinery Industry ● Hydrocarbons close to their flash-points
● Oil Processing Plants
Waste Disposal Companies ● Waste-water Treatment Gases
Landfills/Civil Engineering ● Flammable Landfill Gases
● Uncontrolled Gas Emissions
● Flammable Gas from poor ventilation sources
Pharmaceutical Industry ● Alcohol Solvents
● Materials explosive when mixed
Gas Suppliers ● Natural Gas Leakage
● Natural Gas Emissions
Paint-spraying Operations ● Overspray in Spray-paint Bays
● Solvent Vapor Emissions
Recycling Operations ● Unemptied flammable gas/liquid containers
● Biodegradable Material Emitting Explosive Gases
Chemical Industry ● Flammable Gases
● Flammable Liquids
● Flammable Solids
Agriculture ● Bio-gas Production Plants
● Bio-gas Located on Farms

Classification of Hazardous Areas


The tank is filled with flammable liquid. The inside of the tank is defined as Zone 0, because the explosive gas/oxygen mixture is continuously present. Vapor may escape on occasion through the vent on the top of the tank, therefore the area around the vent is categorized as Zone 1. The vapor may also run down the outside of the tank, developing another explosive environment, so the area around the tank is categorized as Zone 2.


At a mill with a feed hopper and filter: A product, which causes dust particles mixed with air to cause a flammable mixture, is loaded into a hopper. Inside the feed hopper and filter, it is categorized as Zone 20. While the product is being loaded, the mixture of dust and air causes a potentially explosive compound in the area where the product is loaded into the hopper, so the area outside the hopper is categorized as Zone 21. Around the hopper where a potential flammable atmosphere exists temporarily is categorized as Zone 22.