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Voice Annunciator BKV
Voice Annunciator BKV
The BKV is an MP3 voice annunciator which produces excellent sound quality from pre-recorded MP3 files. The panel mounting style results in a clean, integrated look for most any application and programming it is easily accomplished with Patlite's SD card (sold separate) and Patlite's free (downloadable) programming software.

Product Features

路 Only embedded mounting style available.
路 Able to produce a loud sound of up to 95 dB (at 1m) despite its compact size
路 A volume control on the front panel provides an easy way to adjust the sound volume.
路 The use of an SD card allows message changes without dis-mounting the device.
路 Environmentally friendly since the unit complies with the EU RoHS Directives.
路 Several playback modes are available for various applications.
路 Includes binary input as a standard option for selecting up to 31 messages.
路 Supports input selection using NPN open-collector transistor.
路 The unit complies with EU Directives and includes the CE mark (BKV-31JF only)
路 Two colors are available for selecting the best color match for the installation.
路 Protection rating: IP54 (only the front when flush mounted)

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS - 120mm x 120mm x 62.8mm
- AC100V*
*Special Order Item
MOUNTING - Panel Mount
- Vertical mounting angle only
- Indoor: Upright, upside-down, sideways
- Outdoor: Upright only
BODY COLOR - Dark Gray
- Light Gray
VOLUME - Maximum 95dB at 1 meter
- Adjustable volume control
SOUND STORAGE - Approximate Recording Time: 63 seconds (Bit rate=64k/s)
CHANNEL SELECTION - Bit Mode: Select from 1 to 5 channels available with a signal input
- Binary Mode: Select from 1 to 31 channels available with a signal input
- RoHS
- MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thompson Licensing
PROTECTION RATING - IP-54 (Upright Only)
FUNCTIONS - Momentay Input: Message plays once
- Sustained Input: Message repeats until input is open
REMARKS - Dry contact closure such as switches or relay contacts
- Open-collector transistor (NPN only)
OPTIONS - Playlist Editor Program (for mp3 file arrangement)*
- SDV-2GP:SDCard (for mp3 file transfer and storage)**
*Available from Patlite with purchase of BKV unit
**Other SD cards not guaranteed to work
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