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    The New 40mm LED Signal Tower with M12 Connector LR4-WC has launched!

    For more information on the LR4-WC, click here!

    Below is a list of mounting options

    Pole Bracket : SZP-005W
    Grommet : SZP-006
    Pole : 22POLE-300SAT
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    The lineup of Wireless data acquisition system transmitters and WD system setup kits have increased.

    PATLITE introduces the new lineup of Wireless data acquisition system transmitters, WD system setup kits and the option:

    Wireless data acquisition system transmitters: WDT-4LR-Z2
    WD system setup kits:WDX-4LRB

    Desktop Platform: SZW-002W
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    New Update !! WD Series supported  MindSphere!

    PATLITE announces the collaboration between its WD Series, Wireless Data Acquisition System, and SIEMENS’ MindSphere, a cloud-based IoT platform!
    "Equipment operation monitoring is now simple and expanding globally in the cloud,” says Patlite corporation.

    Equipment monitoring is being accomplished by using PATLITE’s WD series, Wireless Data Acquisition system, by installing wireless transmitters to existing signal towers and transmitting signal tower status changes.
    By using collaborative tools, this information is used to visualize status changes and to help understand and analyze machine status and operation.

    However, there have been many customers who have not been able to implement it because of the challenges of maintaining the facility infrastructure, especially in terms of securing personnel and costs for the management and operation of PCs, servers, and other equipment and software required for IoT.

    By connecting to SIEMENS’ MindSphere, these issues can be solved, and the IoT of equipment operation monitoring can be easily achieved at low cost, in line with Patlite's corporate philosophy of "Safety, Security, and Comfort.”

    ■WD Series and MindSphere Collaboration Overview
       1. The WD series has a proven track record in the collection of operation data and is safe and reliable.
       2. Software is implemented on the cloud. Data visualization and analysis can be started immediately.
       3. Cloud-based, so common applications can be used globally.
       4. Data is securely managed using a major global cloud service.
       5. Connecting to MindSphere is very simple by making appropriate WD receiver settings.

    ■Supported devices Model: WDR-LE-Z2-PRO (Firmware Ver. 1.03 or higher)
     *For more details, please refer to PATLITE’s website.

     *Please refer to the WD website for an overview of the WD system.